The Schomberg Pub and Patio has been a community go-to for over 20 years, the building dates back to the 1800’s and was once home to the only doctor for miles, which gave the pub its original name “Dr.Dillanes Pub and Patio”
The pub has transformed along side the beautiful town of Schomberg and is one of the most important places to stop by while taking in our town and sense of community.
Reason for the name change in 2011 to The Schomberg Pub and Patio was due to it being such a staple in the towns peoples agendas, Much like the town the pub has progressed into one of the most reputable places for miles. Deserving of the name after the town!
Here at the Schomberg Pub we strive for greatness, we are proud, and for years have delivered to our customers friendly informative service, only the freshest ingredients, and most innovative menu items.
Local meat and produce are sourced locally when possible and support to the towns butcher, bakeries, and farmers are at the upmost importance to us.
Our menu is inspired by our Owners Nicole Stamcos & Jordan Rulloda. It is brought to new life twice a year!
Each year we incorporate new trendy dishes, local sustainability, as well as old time pub favourites.  There is something for everyone on our menu, including your little ones.
Our exceptional service team led by our General Manager Bailey Jackson, who has also grown with us for the past 9 years, are knowledgable, friendly, and committed to providing you with service you will appreciate.
Seasonal drink inspirations, local craft beer taps, wine menus featuring some of Ontarios’ best selections at appropriate pricing, (go Ontario wine go!)
And then there’s our patio…… If you haven’t experienced it, you are definitely missing out!
Opens whenever Mother Nature allows 😉 roughly April- October
Please come by and experience the Pub for yourselves’!